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It may sound like a complicated piece of equipment, but it has been designed for you to be able to operate as simply as possible. If you want more information on the CLIQ locks, call us today and we'll run you through how we can install a lock system that gives you full control over your property.


Find out more about these fantastic locking systems here.

The benefits of cost effective CLIQ locks

CLIQ locks provide you with a centralized access control management system for you to monitor all of your locks - whether it's for your car, windows, doors or even your cabinets. They are completely flexible to all lock cylinders.

•  Access control anywhere remotely

•  Limit times on when locks can be accessed

•  Flexible to all designs, so you can add as many locks as you like

For more information or to have a CLIQ lock installed,

contact us today on:

01282 617 362

CLIQ locks give you more control

over your security

Did you know that you can get a lock system for your property that gives you an audit trail of where, when and who has accessed any locks? CLIQ locks are an electromechanical locking system that gives you more control.

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